DOJ censorship
The Department of Justice is Bankrolling the Censorship Industry

SUMMARY The National Institute for Justice (NIJ), the Department of Justice’s research and development agency, is funding ‘mis-, dis-, and mal- information’ (MDM) studies and “research on effective technologies and tools for identification, moderation, and/or removal of extremist content.” A $1 million NIJ grant will be used to create a dashboard equipped with an ‘MDM…

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NewsGuard Founder Called For Open Borders. Now, NewsGuard Censors News Sites Critiquing Open Borders.

NewsGuard, a private for-profit company that purports to assign “news nutrition labels” to thousands of news sites by unilaterally deeming them to be credible or not using ratings scores, has emerged as perhaps the top sentinel of the censorship industry. Low NewsGuard credibility rating scores are intended to financially deprive targeted websites of up to…

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Elon Musk’s Top 10 Free Speech Moments in 2023

In 2023, Elon Musk metamorphosed X into, perhaps, the formidable opponent of the censorship industry since its birth in 2016. Musk, who named himself a “free speech absolutist” as he completed the acquisition of Twitter in October 2022, has made good in myriad respects on his promise to roll back speech suppression on the platform.…

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Dean Jackson Arbiters of Truth
Dean Jackson: Disinformation Field is ‘Industry’ of ‘Intelligence Analysts’

In a recently published report from the Center for Democracy and Technology entitled “Seismic Shifts: How Economic, Technological, and Political Trends are Challenging Independent Counter-Election-Disinformation Initiatives in the United States,” the censorship industry identified growing threats to itself, including increased public scrutiny, pressure from lawsuits, and Silicon Valley’s growing skepticism of censorship. Dean Jackson, a co-author…

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EU tech regulation
The Censorship Industry’s 2024 Election Censorship Blueprint

Facing a loss of political support in Congress and a drop in compliance from Silicon Valley, censorship industry insiders have devised a new 108-page comprehensive blueprint to reinstate 2020-style election censorship ahead of 2024: work with the European Union to force US platforms to hire a new army of censors, and leverage state governments to…

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Kate Starbird: ‘Freedom of Speech’ Should Not Be Centered Because A ‘Level Playing Field’ For Ideas Is ‘Tilted In Favor Of Misinformation’

University of Washington professor Kate Starbird, a key figure in government-backed election censorship operations during the 2020 and 2022 elections and during the Covid-19 pandemic, remarked that freedom of speech was an idea that should not be “centered” because a “[level] play field is tilted in favor of misinformation,” in comments made during an online…

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Gov’t-Funded Stanford Censors Taunted Elon Musk ‘Bought Himself Into A Hellish Existence,’ Raised Tesla As Vulnerability For Free Speech Twitter

The Stanford Internet Observatory’s in-house podcast, Moderated Content, called its first-ever “emergency edition” the week Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter in October 2022. Moderated Content draws its name from the euphemistically named professional field of removing speech off the Internet known as “Content Moderation,” in which “moderation” is the palatable word used to…

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DHS Scrubs YouTube Channel of Infamous Censorship Video Encouraging People To Report Family Members For “Disinformation”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s cybersecurity agency is burying evidence of its prior efforts to encourage the domestic censorship of US citizens online, silently deleting a dystopian video it published in 2021 instructing children to report their own family members to Facebook for “Covid disinformation.”  In August 2022, Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) published…

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