August 16, 2023

Fox News: Dem Gov Katie Hobbs requested Twitter censor critics of tweet comparing Trump supporters to Nazis

Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs requested the social media website formerly known as Twitter to censor critics of her tweet that compared supporters of former President Donald Trump to Nazis. In August 2017, while serving in the Arizona state legislature, Hobbs attacked Trump in a tweet, when she compared the former president’s voter base to neo-Nazis. “[Trump] has…

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Star News Network: Director of Internet Free Speech Nonprofit Sounds Alarm on ‘Middleware’ Censorship by NewsGuard

The founder of a nonprofit that advocates for freedom of speech on the internet is sounding the alarm on government weaponization of “middleware” companies, which he said are essentially shell organizations for government censorship. “The reason that they call it competitive middleware is because they’re trying to create a competitive industry around middleware compliance to…

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