“Infodemic Unicorns”: New Docs Show US Gov’t Pressured Google To Promote “Counter-Misinformation” Jobs

  • The US government asked Google to run recruitment ads for the role of “Infodemic Manager Unicorns”, whose job is to censor the “pandemic of misinformation” on the Internet.
  • ‘Unicorns’ would scan use artificial intelligence software to scan social media for speech patterns expressing dissent with government Covid policies and mandates .
  • CDC directly asked Google to manually alter its search engines results so that CDC pages would “come up higher in [search] results”.

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New documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) show staffers from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) working hand-in-hand with Google, Twitter, and Facebook/Meta to shut down social media posts challenging Covid orthodoxy. The full story is available at Just The News.

Here are some of the highlights:

CDC Inserted COVID Recommendations Directly Into Google’s Code

CDC staff directly made edits into Google’s code used by Google to “counter disinformation”:


CDC directly asked Google not only to promote its new vaccine page, but to have that vaccine page “come up higher in [search] results”. This is a request for direct and manual interference with the Google ranking system:


Five months before the 2020 election, Google saw its “counter-disinformation” work (“infodemiology”) as being “inevitably related” to the upcoming election contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump:


CDC worked on the “discipline of infodemiology” to “target” the general public and “push back against the misinformation.” Notably, Google was “working on misinformation including AI, computing” in order to use the AI machine learning technique of natural language processing to map social media linguistic patterns engaged in wrongspeak about Covid and automatically censor language based on the censorship training data fed into Google’s models.


At CDC request, Google then “signal boosts” the WHO’s “unicorn program” to provide “comprehensive global training on tracking, analyzing and addressing misinformation.” This is the United States government asking Google to run advertisements to promote the hiring of “Infodemic Manager Unicorns” to censor the “pandemic of misinformation” on the Internet.


Orwell couldn’t have envisioned Big Brother jobs being sold to the American public as “Infodemic Manager Unicorns.” But we’re pretty far past Orwell now anyway.

For much more on the full story, check out the in-depth breakdown at Just The News.